To vs. too

What is going on with the sudden upsurge of using “to” for “too”? Should I be charitable and assume it’s an autocorrect failure? Who is that illiterate that they don’t know the word “too”? It’s not even hard to spell. It’s not even too many more letters. I’m mystified. Or else I’m deeply disheartened at the level of intelligence displayed.

Look sharp, kids…

It’s a phishing scam


I cannot believe how much this tech stuff affects me.

I was having a problem with my Mac being slow like molasses. It was a major pain watching the beach ball spin and waiting for things to happen on the screen. This has been going on for months. Finally, this morning, I somehow stumbled over a fix. I had opened Activity Monitor in desperation and discovered a little thing taking up practically all of the CPU. A little trip to Uncle Google and a quick read uncovered a possible reason and a few fixes. I chose the simplest fix, which was just a matter of fixing a preference in the Contacts app, and BOOM. The dang thing is fixed. Activity monitor shows drastically less activity. No beach ball.

And the astonishing thing is how much this has affected my mind and consequently my body. I feel as if a weight has been excised from my chest. I feel all light and victorious. I feel like I can move again, after the paralysis.


Dr. Douillard explains lymph according to Ayurveda.


woman smelling and cooking food emotion lymph rasa

Learn to read and write, people!!! How hard is it to type out your email address correctly? Or quickly check that you’ve typed the right one?

I get your emails and registrations all the time. Some of you, I’m getting your banking details. I know when you’re looking for a hookup. Also when your parents are looking for a spouse for you. I know your home address and phone number. Some of you, I’m using your Netflix account and your gaming accounts. And on and on.

I have tried to unsubscribe, going so far as to talk with your bank. Does it work? No. I still know when you deposit money and how much… and when you take it back out… and your full name, etc.

I don’t want to barge into your life, but you’ve barged into mine.

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The secret life of trees


Ricola over Hall’s, every time. They just work better. Sorry, cough drops.

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