Here you go: here’s what to tell people who say that gluten is the devil and/or that people should eat a paleo diet:


An article by Dr. John Douillard, ayurvedic practitioner.

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A new phishing scam in Gmail:


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You know how you go in the health food store to buy coconut butter and it costs so much you turn around and walk back out?

Here’s the solution:

Get unsweetened shredded coconut (any shred)

Get out your 3 hp blender (vitamix and that kind)

Dump about 6 cups in there

Turn it on and be patient for about 2 minutes. You might want to stop it now and then and push some it down the sides.

The coconut will turn into a thick liquid that you can just pour out of the blender. When it cools off it will become solid. It’s easy to scrape out of the blender, due to the coconut oil. Use some ammonia or detergent to clean out the blender, with some hot water. Comes right out.

Boom. A big jar full of incredible coconut butter.

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This garden shed is going to be a tiny house. #tinyhouse #construction

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That look you give behind you when you get up from where you’re sitting is called a dummy check. You do it to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind like a dummy.

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We went next door–actually it is a good 5 minutes walk a little bit uphill–to help Bob build a hugelkultur check dam. Every couple of weeks he fires up the sauna, and that means he also dumps the water out of the plunge pool to refill it with clean water. Usually it just runs down the hill, but that cuts a little ravine. So we built a long dam across the drainage route, but since Kali–our guardian angel who has been here 35 years–has gotten excited about “hill culture” (hugelkultur auf Deutsch), we built a long little hill. He planted it with some kind of grass and amaranth. In a year or two, it should be exploding with green stuff. That’s Kali on the left.

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The Rio Grande. Down there on the side of the river are a couple of sets of hot springs. To tell you the truth, they’re not so hot, but it’s very pleasant somehow to be sitting in crystal clear hot water in a canyon with the fabled Rio Grande acting as your cold plunge pool. #southwest #newmexico #hotsprings

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