Boil them beans

By luck or something, I have avoided killing people by cooking beans in slow cookers. Here’s an article that explains that you should always cook beans at a vigorous boil for at least 10 minutes before you turn down the heat and simmer them to softness:


Doing that kills a lectin called phytohaemagglutinin which is a toxin that can cause severe vomiting, extreme nausea and diarrhea). If consumed on a regular basis, this lectin may disrupt the immune system, lead to an increased intestinal permeability and have an impact on some autoimmune diseases.


My hat’s off to all the good people who wade through all the dreck about food or health on the web in search of actual fact and then take the time to post their findings so we don’t have to.

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Here’s a little thought about pink salt (I found it on the net):
I have read and heard that Hymilayan sea salt contains 84 naturally occuring elements. How many elements are in a complete vitamin pill? 30? 40? The discolored salt crystals contain about 30 elements that you don’t want, like lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony astatine , arsenic, uranium, cesium, and the list goes on. Any health fanatic would freak out if you asked them if you could put these poisons in their food or salt. Francium, uranium, cesium, plutonium, neptunium and some of the other metals are radioactive. If you can get a more pure refined salt, I think it would be worth it. Just check the anti-caking agent for aluminium or cyanide agents.

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Do you like pizza? Don’t bother with Pizza Etc. in Santa Fe. Cardboard crust that looked like it was cut out with a giant cookiecutter. Sauce edible, at least. But the cheese made me suspicious they had cut it with something that was not cheese. I’m sure people like their pizza, and the staff spoke fluent English, so it’s not all bad.

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Mom always said not to eat raw dough and I never asked why. But here’s the answer and the solution.

Cookie dough that’s safe to eat:

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Some bushes we saw on our walk the other night. #pattern #design #plants

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Here you go: here’s what to tell people who say that gluten is the devil and/or that people should eat a paleo diet:


An article by Dr. John Douillard, ayurvedic practitioner.

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